BIG-UP your club on the BEEB

We are very excited to announce that ROC will be hosting a 'Running Show' on BBC Radio Suffolk in the new year, and invite you to BIG-UP your club on-air!

The show is on Tuesday 21st January and will highlight as many brilliant and interesting things happening within the running community as possible, including interviews and anecdotes from local runners, coaches and [other] experts!

We know that there are loads of amazing running clubs and groups in Suffolk who would love to be involved - so we are dedicating some air-space especially for you!

All you have to do is make a short recording and share this with us by Tuesday 14th January. BBC presenter and show producer Jon Wright will then slot as many of these as he can into the show for the world to hear.  

While Jon can't guarantee that all recordings will make it onto the show - if you can make them unique, interesting and under 60 seconds in length you stand a good chance of getting it in. So, instead of detailing the history of your club, maybe choose a memorable anecdote or personal story that encapsulates what makes it so special? 

We advise that all proposed recordings are discussed with your club in the first instance, and remember to state who you are and your relationship with the club from the outset, i.e. my name is Jo Runner and  I am a member of Suffolk Runners...   

How to record and where to send:

  • There are lots of mp3 recording and editing apps available for your phone, which would be just perfect for the job. 

  • If you keep the recording under 60 seconds, the mp3 file should save at under 1mb in size.

  • Email your recording to by Tuesday 14th Jan. 

We wish you luck and look forward to receiving your recordings. 

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