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The team at DNA Personal Trainers are immensely proud to be one of the podium partners for the first ROC24 Suffolk 2019 event. #ROC24 will offer so many opportunities for many runners to learn about their physical and psychological capabilities. And it will give #runners so many positive memories that will last a lifetime.

A 24 hour #endurancerace - whether solo or team - is as extreme as a #physicalchallenge gets. But with the right #training and #nutrition, it will be fun and achievable. And the experience of enjoyment and camaraderie within your team will be pivotal to your success. So we will be offering complimentary #trainingprogrammes for any of the ROC24 Suffolk 2019 Business Team Challengers. And are also offering 50% off our Open Air #FitnessBootcamps to all ROC24 participants. And we will be offering a few basic training tips for runners of all abilities for ROC followers as the weeks progress. Here is the first: #TRAININGTIP: Just get running!! Sounds cliche, but you really must start somewhere and get in valuable experience. If new to running, start by running at an easier pace  - this will build your #endurance capabilities, help posture, gets a routine established and gets you a number of base miles completed, plus will help recovery. This will be the most common run that you will complete, making up for 65-80% of your mileage (depending on the event distance) The easy run is your #aerobicworkout, staying within heart-rate zones 1 and 2. If you’re unsure what that is. Then do ask us at DNA #PersonalTrainers. Start with a 4-5 mile run in one go if possible, remember comfortable pace. OR  Travel for 35-45 minutes at a comfortable pace at just see how far you get.

Good luck and remember to have FUN when you RUN!

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