ROC Challenge Review

We were blessed from the outset at the very first ROC Challenge at Foxhall Stadium on Saturday 9th November, with clear skies and bright sunshine.. and just a little seasonal chill in the air :-)

Runners and cyclists covered 13 laps of the 13.5k mixed terrain course (just over 28 miles) as solo entries, pairs or relay teams of up to 5, with the Off-Road Cycling Sportive starting at 10am and the Off-Road Running Time-Trial starting at 2pm.

We were also really thrilled to see a good number of 'couch to 5k' runners take part in the  'One-Lap-Run' and Kesgrave Kruisers Fun-Run helped create a family friendly vibe. The kids even helped marshal (including directing from the trees in the woods) - and they were brilliant!

The mixed terrain course proved varied enough to make each lap a challenge (did what it said on the tin) and it held up really well following several days of rain - with access to the stadium's stock-car track providing a great USP + the day / night running experience creating a unique atmosphere under the moonlight!

We must give a huge thank you to all participants for making the event so enjoyable  - you were an amazing and ensured that the event was friendly, supportive and competitive in all the right places! 

And a massive 'whoop whoop' to the fabulous Kesgrave Kruisers marshals - organised superbly by Em Mortimer and Aris Georgalas. This team were the best ever according to some very experienced runners and riders in the know, so thank you all so much for making the event a joy!

Congratulations to all category winners, who are listed below and also to Richard Goodhand who received the Spokeworx special achievement award for resilience in the cycle sportive, and to Bella Lock who received the Kesgrave Kruisers special achievement award for her marshalling and running contribution to the club.

  • Running Solo Male: Michael Nessling

  • Running Solo Female: Wassa Suttiwiriya

  • Running Pair Female: Clarkeys

  • Running Pair Mixed: Storma

  • Running Pair Male: Where Have All My Toenails Gone?

  • Running Team Female: Suffolk Spitfires Ladies

  • Running Team Male: Mark Newman & Co

  • Running Team Mixed: Curtis Banks

  • Running Fastest Lap Male: Jack Wilkinson

  • Running Fastest Lap Female: Natalie Johnston

  • Cycling Solo Male: Philip Goffin

  • Cycling Solo Female: Sarah Maidment

  • Cycling Pair Female: Beccles Belles

  • Cycling Fastest Lap Male: Philip Goffin

  • Cycling Fastest Lap Female: Suzy Knights

All timings / splits and finishing positions for the running and cycling can be found at:

A great selection of photos were taken at ROC Challenge and we would like to thank Jamie Brandon and Gavin Horrex in particular, who gave up much of their day to capture some of these (see all links below)

So, we are really pleased to confirm that we will definitely be hosting ROC Challenge at Foxhall Stadium again in 2020 - and although we cannot confirm the date till January, it will be some time in November - watch this space. We will also create a ROC Challenge facebook event in the next few days so you can keep in touch from here too.

This just leaves us to say a huge thank you to for being part of the adventure - and we are really looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes, the ROC team (Stuart, Gary and Greg).

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