⚡️ROC24 Update: Overnight Security

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

While out and about we have been asked lot's of questions about ROC24 at Christchurch Park - especially relating to overnight security provision on-site. So we thought we should provide a timely update...

The first really important thing to state is that as a high-profile event in the towns flagship park, it is in our interest, and those of our partners Ipswich Borough Council and AgeUK Suffolk to ensure that the event is professionally managed and as safe as it can possibly be for everyone. The event also needs to satisfy the requirements of a multi-agency Safety Advisory Group, including Suffolk Police.

So, measures that we are putting in place to achieve this include providing security patrols throughout, allocating wristband access to the camping zone and locking the park overnight, with a single, security managed site entrance. And for further reassurance, Ipswich Borough Council has provided secure camping facilities in its parks before, so is well versed in the safety measures required for this.

Hope this info helps and please do share with interested parties. As always we welcome your questions and will do our best to answer them while we finalise event details in the lead-up to entries opening on 1st December 😃

Best wishes, the ROC team 👊

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